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YOUR ART IS REALLY GORGEOUS!!! I've been in a slump lately and been drawing without much motivation but your art really inspired me again and wahhh just thank you so much ;; I hope one day I can come to improve as much as you have on your journey!!!

[high-pitched shrieking]
[higher-pitched shrieking]
[ultrasound bat noises]


I’ve had this sitting in my inbox since yesterday because I wanted to think of something to say that would motivate you even further, but then I realised you’re already doing the most essential thing anyway—perseverance is everything! Don’t feel bad about having an awful day or week or even month; plants need rain to grow and so do we. As long as you don’t put down the pencil for good there’s nothing to worry about, even if you don’t actually draw for a while! Observing things around you or studying other people’s art are also ways to improve, keep that in mind. IMAGINE ALL THE THINGS YOU’LL BE ABLE TO DO IN A COUPLE OF YEARS THE STUFF YOU CAN DRAW THAT YOU’D NEVER EVEN DREAM OF NOW I’M GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF BUT DAMN THE POSSIBILITIES THINKING ABOUT IT GETS ME SO PUMPED

Good luck man YOU GO YOU CAN DO IT the sky’s the limit!! Even a wrong line is a right step in the direction of improvement.

process gif for my latest painting

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Wow, what amazing, gorgeous art and creative ideas you have! You're very talented and are a big inspiration to me. Have a beautiful day/night! ^.^

;___; you’re a sweetheart, I’m glad you like my stuff! thank you so much for telling me, it’s so so uplifting to hear you’re inspiring someone

you have a great day too (人´∀`)♥

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hummingbird hideout


Y-you're so amazing at drawing ;-; I-I hope I'll be l-like you someday ;-;

ohhh god I have no idea how old this is, I didn’t get a notif and just saw it now? I’M SORRY ANON ;___; but thank you so much that’s really sweet of you to say ahhh ♥♥

I’m sure you’ll get there sooner than you think, just keep going!!

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aka the long route to my acceptance of pink

birds of europe


hey guys! As some of you might already have picked up me and my bud ceavit started a new bird blog! It is going to feature many beautiful european flappers, we post daily and try to bring in as much variety as we can. We’d really appreciate it if some of you fellow bird lovers would check it out and maybe support us while we’re getting started!

This has nothing to do with art really (that was a lie, birds are art) but I know a lot of bird friends follow me on here so hey hi, my friend and I made a blog! Suggestions for improvement or possibly even bird requests are always welcome.

(We always make sure to credit properly and take only photos that are allowed to be downloaded, but please remember to give the photographers all of your love too!)

i prettified my wall a little

candles are just earthly stars

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